Mini Countryman Taxi in Birmingham

Mini, today in Birmingham people saw many Minis were going around the city centre. Many people may think, it was a Mini gathering. Actually, it was a Mini gathering arranged by The Cube as a part of the Adee Phelan salon’s first celebration.
Nearly one month ago, The Cube started to find people in Birmingham who drives Mini and, arranged a meeting for today. Unfortunately, I could not see the Mini crowded while going around the Birmingham city centre, I had opportunity to follow them from the Twitter. Hopefully, I caught them in The Cube. Because, all those Minis were gathered for the Adee Phelan’s birthday celebration as I told you. For people who don’t know the Adee Phelan, it is a luxury hair salon.
The greatest part of this event was the Mini Countryman Taxi. They covered a Countryman as a taxi and it was looking great! May be Mini should target on taxi market as well. Because, Countryman offers large legroom for passengers, a large boot as well and it looks nice! However, Mini’s image may not benefit from this.
Anyway, here some photos from the event.