More Powerful, Faster Bugatti Veyron: 1600 HP

Bugatti Veyron, Volkswagen Groups’s state-of-art lunatic car is going to have more power than ever according to
Bugatti is going to introduce 1600 HP Veyron based on an 8-lt or 9.6-lt engine with the top speed of 463 km/h and 1.8 seconds acceleration to 100 km/h. Moreover, Bugatti will be increase the amount of carbon fibre parts to reduce the weight up to 250 kg to achieve 1600 kg.
Why Bugatti is making a faster Veyron? The main reason is the image! Veyron has to be the most powerful mass production car on planet. And this reputation is going to be vanished by McLaren P1 and upcoming FerrariEnzo replacement. Both of these cars are capable of destroying Veyron’s reputation. And the basic solution to prevent this, introduce a more powerful version.
Price? Around €2 Million! 

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