Bugatti and Nasa for More Powerful Veyrons

A few days ago, I wrote about the more powerful Bugatti Veyron with 1600 PS.

Bugatti Veyron started the journey with 1001 PS and it was a beyond our imagination at those times. Later on, Veyron Super Sport revealed with 1200 PS and we all thought it was the end. And now Bugatti is going to reveal 1600 PS power version of Veyron. However this is not the end, it is the new beginning.

As the Bugatti obsessed with more power, they are approaching the limits of the internal combustion engines. And I have a proposal for Bugatti for the future engine technology. Why don’t you start working with Nasa JetPropulsion Laboratory? Because, after the 1600 PS Veyron, there will be another Veyron with 2000 PS, then another one with 2250 PS, another one with 2500 PS and after sometime, Bugatti will reach the limits of the physics. Therefore, Bugatti needs to start working with Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory for the future engine options :)

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