Christian Louboutin iPad Case: Cris

Christian Louboutin and iPad. Two contradicting notions are together in the same topic, Christian Louboutin iPad case.

Why contradicting? Christian Louboutin is specialised on manufacturing high heels with spikes on them, and Apple’s iPad is the combination of high technology materials controlled by a sensitive touch screen. The contradiction is high heels with spikes can easily destroy the sensitive screen of the iPad, but not this time.

Christian Louboutin recently introduced a spiked iPad case, Cris. It is available in black, red, beige, tartan, leopard print and dragon tattoo. The interior of Cris, is covered with red leather like the sole of the Christian Louboutin heels! Cris is a great interpretation of high heels in iPad case form.

Of course the Louboutin experience for your iPad is not cheap like their heels. Louboutin iPad Cris is £495, the Dragon Tattoo is £1195, Leopard £550!

£1195, more expensive than the most expensive iPad.

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Christian Louboutin