Improved McLaren MP4-12C at London Dealer

McLaren MP4-12C is the second car wholly designed and manufactured by McLaren after McLaren F1. MP4-12C does not have a very charming and marketing friendly model name but that’s the only drawback. MP4-12C is designed by Frank Stephenson and you can watch my interview with him about MP4-12C on YouTube.
Last week, I visited the McLaren’s London dealer in Knightsbridge, placed under the most expensive apartment One Hyde Park. Like the factory, McLaren dealer is designed with perfection. And they show the improved version of MP4-12C with a special colour, Kiwi Green.
This MP4-12C is no different than the previous one, actually only minor things have changed and except vehicle rise system and door button, the rest of the software upgrade can be applied to existing owners with no extra cost.
The revised MP4-12C has more power, 625 HP without any revision on engine or exhaust, just a new software. New gearbox software to improve gear shifts. There is a new lightweight wheel design. Software update on in-car entertainment system to improve sound system and experience.
Unfortunately, physical door button is not available to apply to existing vehicles due to technical issues. But, it is better than the touch sensitive button. And I was sure that, McLaren is going to replace iPhone style door opening system. It was too sensitive for adverse weather conditions. Another cleaver feature that cannot be applied is the rising vehicle for speed bumps and adverse road conditions. This is a must for fast cars!
And McLaren is going to keep developing the MP4-12C and offer these updates with no extra cost to existing owners. Because, McLaren is a Formula 1 company and each season the F1 car is developed all the time. Therefore, McLaren transferred this philosophy mass production road car, MP4-12C to reflect McLaren DNA.
And thanks for the great hospitality to McLaren London Dealer.