Karl Lagerfeld and Rolls Royce: A Different View

Karl Lagerfeld and Rolls Royce. Collaboration of two iconic brands, A Different View. Rolls Royce photographed by Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld; if you don’t this name, you have no idea of what is fashion. This is a very bold statement but this is the truth. Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most influential fashion designer. And never heard of his name is like never heard of Bill Gates and using a computer.

Lagerfeld always prefers black from head to toe coupled with sunglasses.

In my opinion, Lagerfeld has the most iconic personal style in fashion industry and probably no one can replace his style. He is a living icon. His personal style is also reflected on his collection, black and white completed with grey details.

Moreover, Karl Lagerfeld is also a professional photographer. Unlike many people, he uses professional camera to take professional photos. We all know that, nowadays anyone who buys a digital SLR, assume that I am a professional photographer! But not with Karl Lagerfeld.

A Different View is the latest work of Karl Lagerfeld. He photographed Rolls Royce Phantom and Drophead from his perspective. Lagerfeld interpreted the Rolls Royce cars from this fashion perspective. Black and white completed with metallic grey details.

And I hope that Karl Lagerfeld does not own the first generation Porsche Cayenne anymore :)

Unfortunately, I didn’t have chance to attend this event. Usually, I don’t mind if I didn’t have chance to attend an event. But this time it is different, Rolls Royce and Karl Lagerfeld. I really envy people who had opportunity to attend this unique event.

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