Louis Vuitton Pet Collection

Louis Vuitton, the paramount of luxury lifestyle in every aspects from shoes to small leather goods. There is nothing unusual with this, LV is a luxury company and their product should be luxury. However, the problem is the extension of luxury philosophy to different product lines. iPhone sleeve used to sound crazy, but now it is usual! iPad cases, which cost more than the iPad is perceived as normal too. And these issues are not worth to write in my blog.

Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton extended its product range up to a level that you may not ever think about, pets. You didn’t read wrong, Louis Vuitton offers products for your domestic animals. LV realised that some of their customers are not satisfied the luxury in their lives and they need to consume the LV product for their pets. Now they can buy a whole range pets products from Louis Vuitton with a reasonable prices! I still finding extremely pointless and meaningless to spend that amount of money for your pets because you want to look posh! Extending the luxury in personal life can make sense but buying luxury products for your pet is the short cut for getting bankrupted.

Basically, your pet can experience the ultimate craftsmanship of the Louis Vuitton. I am definitely sure that pets were waiting for LV for long time.

Honestly, I really want to meet someone who buys these products. By the way, in US grizzly bears can be pet!

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