Luxury iPhone 5 Cases from Net-A-Porter

Apple iPhone 5, it did not generate the same sensation that we experienced with iPhone 4 two years ago. For many people iPhone 5 is the lighter and taller version of iPhone 4, which I agree as well. Apple did not go for a radical change in the design. And I don’t understand why, whatever Apple produces, people will buy it. They could have introduced a more radical design rather than a taller new iPhone.

When we have a new iPhone, it is always followed by new cases and sleeves to make our iPhone personalised. Because, iPhone is only offered either black or white. The room for personalisation is really limited. Therefore, iPhone cases and sleeves provides you the opportunity to personalise your iPhone and also keep it new!

I did some research and found some luxury iPhone 5 cases. Unfortunately, these cases and sleeves are not cheap but not as expensive as iPad cases! But they are luxury and many people cannot have it, that’s the advantage of owning one!

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