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Vertu: Probably The Most Expensive Mobile Phone

Vertu is a luxury mobile phone owned by EQT VI and Nokia by ten percentage. If the year was 2004, you might be really excited to read this post. But time has changed, we all changed but Vertu stayed the same (I haven’t update the content, Vertu ownership may have changed).
Nokia introduced the Vertu to wrap up their Nokia device in a luxury way. All the Vertu phones are hand built, all pieces and parts are extremely high quality, you have a personal concierge button and Nokia S40 or Symbian operation system!
All these tricks used to be working before the iPhone and Andriod. However, modern world of forgot the Nokia! This is the ugly truth, it is very hard to find someone using Nokia nowadays. What about Vertu? The same! Vertu does not offer anything except the built quality and golden covered option. It is really sad to see this diminish of Vertu. 
However, the Vertu phones do not seem to suffer from this situation. If you want to buy a Vertu phone with keyboard that works with Symbian operation system, where you will have a very limited app store, you need to pay £17,000. A gold covered Vertu phone with full size keyboard costs more than a car and unfortunately, offers nothing special except posing your wealth. And proof of your lack of knowledge on technology.

I don’t want to say this but Vertu is like Maybach. You understand what I mean.

By the way, no one can achieve the precise production quality of Apple.