Automated Driving BMW 5-Series

BMW 5-Series automated drive! This sounds like a science fiction but it is possible now. BMW developed a 5-Series, which can drive by itself on public roads. Driver does not need to control anything during the journey and everything is done by the BMW.
This 5-Series was tested for more than 5000 KM and, in order to achieve this number, BMW engineers developed a new mathematical algorithm for the different driving situations. For us, overtaking another car is not that complicated process but for a computer to do the same process, lots of different parameters should be provided. Therefore, new mathematical equations should be created to explain the computer how to overtake another car.
This 5-Series is not production yet but it will be in near future. Like the modern air travel, in following decades, drivers will be like air pilots. The route will be given to car and it will drive by itself, if there is something wrong or a possible accident is unavoidable, the driver will interfere the car.
I assume that, the following BMW models may offer this technology but in a limited scope. 

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