Gangam Style by NASA: Johnson Style

NASA engineers in Johnson Space Centre were a bit bored recently. I think they were really bored and wanted to do something really entertaining, and also experience the popular culture.

What I mean by popular culture? Psy, Gangnam Style! Gangnam Style is the most viewed video on YouTube’s history and shared all around the world like nothing else. As a result of this rapid growing popularity, many brands used Gangnam Style on their campaigns and most of the were epic failures!

However, there is an exception and it is from NASA. Recently, NASA engineered recorded a Gangam Style video and called Johnson Style. Basically, NASA explained what they are doing to public by a very popular pop song. And the result of this? At the moment, you are reading the result! NASA became viral.

Again well done NASA engineers, you made a great job :) My suggestion NASA for next move, try to find a propulsion system for Bugatti, they are trying to reach the limits of psychics with an internal combustion engine, you may help them with your space age technology :)