How to Remove iPhone 5 Scratches and Scuffs with Porsche Design Pen

iPhone 5 side scratches and Porsche Design pen. Probably the funniest title for the iPhone 5! But, you cannot imagine the intersection of these two different items on one thing.

As the iPhone 5 was revealed, the rumours and photos started to appear on internet due to vulnerability of sides and back for scratches and scuffs. iPhone 5 is made from anodised aluminium instead of stainless steel, which iPhone 4 and 4S is made from. Anodised aluminium made iPhone 5 lighter and also anodising process made the aluminium more resistant to scratches and scuffs.

Actually, we were told like this but the reality was different. Many people started to complain the scratches and scuffs started to appear on their new iPhone 5 in a very short time. And unfortunately, I am one of them as well. Hopefully, mine is not black iPhone 5 so I am better off with white. Because, the black iPhone 5 shows any minor scratches or scuffs more easily due to its painted colour. However, white iPhone 5 covers the minor things.

Anyway, a few weeks after I had my iPhone 5 I realised a minor scuff under the volume control buttons. And I was a bit disappointed to see this. Because, I had iPhone 4 for quite long time and there was nothing on the sides! As I don’t have any chance to repair this, I ignored it.

One day, I took my stainless steel Porsche Design P3120 (When I bought it, they told me it is made from stainless steel) and tried to remove excess aluminium from the scuff on iPhone 5’s side. While doing this, I realised that stainless steel Porsche Design pen removed the excess aluminium and also the scuff.

I am not joking, the sides of iPhone 5 is very soft. And it can be manipulated very easily with a harder material. So, I noticed the power of Porsche Design pen and kept correcting the scuff. It was so easy, in less than five minutes the scuff was removed also some layers of aluminium as well. I know this sound crazy but the material is so soft and it is very easy to correct any scratches or scuffs by removing layers. For sure, it doesn’t look that nice but better than an ugly scuff.

My final decision, if you are planning to buy an iPhone 5 go for the white one. I know black looks better but go for the white! If you don’t want to use a case or cover or any type of protector, your iPhone 5 more likely to have scratches or scuffs in meantime. And don’t worry, you may fix them by using a stainless steel object like my Porsche Design pen. And if you have some skills, you can engrave some patterns or your name very easily to sides of the iPhone 5.

So this is the solution to how to remove scratches and scuffs from iPhone 5 side :)

Apple knows this problem and declared that; aluminium has a tendency for scratches and scuffs. And my response to Apple, please get in touch with Audi as soon as possible, as they manufacture cars from Aluminium for quite long time and I am sure that you can buy some of their material technology to improve the iPhone’s structure.