New BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept (F32): The New 3-Coupe (All Official Photos) 1


BMW just released the official photos of the BMW 4-Series and I immediately updated the posts. As you can see from the photos, the details in interior of BMW 4-Series is amazing. I have never seen something like this before, especially on this segment. 
Usually, cars in this segment are not well-known for luxury in details but 4-Series changed the rule of the book. This improved luxury touches may increase the price, despite this adverse effect BMW introduced a new benchmark for interior quality. I am really looking forward to see the response of Mercedes and BMW!

BMW 4-Series Coupe Concept (F32) photos leaked to the press. BMW 4-Series is going to replace the 3-Series coupe version. The main aim of BMW is to name the coupe models with even numbers and sedan models with odd numbers. I assume it will be easier for BMW people to identify their cars on their warehouse :)

BMW 4-Series has the similar exterior lines with the BMW 6-Series. From one point of view, I can say that 4-Series is the small version of the 6-Series. You can easily notice the similar lines inside the BMW 4-Series as well. With the 4-Series, BMW raises the production quality of the interior materials and create a new benchmark in the segment.
What about Audi A5 and Mercedes E-Coupe. I am really sad to say that, after BMW 4-Series, Audi and Mercedes cannot keep up their sales figure. The design of BMW 4-Series is the definitely the best when you compare with Audi A5 and Mercedes E-Coupe. You can notice this from the conversations on social media. In addition, Audi A5 and Mercedes E-Coupe is relatively older than the 4-Series, this is another fact that BMW 4-Series will have a stronger sales figure.
As I am a great fan of BMW 6-Series, this new 4-Series changed my mind! The strong lines and high quality finishes of the 4-Series can replace the 6-Series for me!
Most probably, BMW 4-Series will carry the same engine options that are present with the existing BMW 3-Series sedan and there will be all-wheel drive xDrive version as well.

Audi A5
Mercedes E-Coupe

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