Pirelli PZero High-Heeled Sandals

Pirelli is the Italian tyre manufacturer, everyone knows this. They also release Pirelli Calendar each year with very famous super models, we all know this as well. And recently, Pirelli started a fashion brand called Pirelli PZero and some people know this as well.

Pirelli PZero is based on luxury collection, from clothing to shoes. And in my opinion many of PZero fashion collection is really well designed and worth the price tag! However, this is a man perspective to a company, which has a reputation on car tyres!

However, I really wish to hear women’s view for Pirelli PZero women collection. I am not going to show everything from the collection. Just only one piece!

Pirelli PZero black rubber high-heeled sandals, Daria! And they are part of the Diego Dolcini capsule collection. These heels are made from plastic and leather. Moreover, the Pirelli offers high grip rubber soles for the stiletto heels! I think this is a technology transfer from car tyres to women shoes. And the rest is the same, shoes!

Honestly, they don’t look that bad but I have no idea what women customers think about these shoes :)

And price of PZero high-heeled sandals are now €245 with 50% discount and available in three different colours; black, navy blue and bordeaux.

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