Alexander McQueen in London Fashion Week 2013 Men Collection

Alexander McQueen, one of the most iconic contemporary fashion brand from the UK. I really admire McQueen’s design despite its astonishing price tag. And Alexander McQueen men collection met with the public, I uploaded the Autumn / Winter 2013 today and the rest of the collection will be uploaded in following days.

Regarding to men collection of Alexander McQueen, there is one thing is eye-catching; double pocket in the right side of the jacket. Or you can call it double deck pocket. In terms of uniqueness and making the collection different, I liked it but is it practical? Some of the designs may look amazing like Aston Martin cars but they may not be that good when you start using them everyday! (Aston Martin does not offer very high level of comfort.) And also, having two pocket in your left side is a great short-cut to lose your things in your jacket :)



























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