Apple iCar: My Ten Predictions

Apple iCar, don’t get excited Apple did not release a car, yet! However, I was thinking what would happen if one day Apple will release a car. 
Interestingly thought the same they wrote about it, Apple iCar – 10 Things We’d Expect to See. I really love the article and wanted to add my ten ideas. 
First of all, iCar or Apple’s Car will have a totally different warranty system. Unlike the existing warranty system on automotive industry, Apple may replace the iCar if they cannot resolve the problem. 
Second, people will be rushing to Apple Stores to buy the iCar first and upload their photos on Instagram. 
Third, all apple fanatics will turn into car fanatics and comment on automotive industry. 
Fourth, iCar will feature new technology that was not preferred by the existing car companies and people will love those features. 
Fifth, don’t expect to see internal combustion engine system in the iCar, it will be like the BMW i-Series. 
Sixth, the internal parts of iCar will be fitted with extreme precision. 
Seventh, sales of iCar will be collapse a car company. 
Eighth, there will be educational discount in the iCar. 
Ninth, you will be able to order your iCar from internet with your credit card. 

Tenth and last, iCar will be variation like iPod from Nano to Touch.

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