Flying Lady of Rolls Royce in Gold

Rolls Royce’s Flying Lady is one of the very well known icons in automotive world and one of the rarest one to spot in real life conditions. Until now, Rolls Royce was offering the Flying Lady in stainless steel and illuminated polycarbonate only. However I assume some their customers were not happy with existing options for the Flying Lady and Rolls Royce decided to satisfy them with gold and solid silver options.

I really cannot imagine the scene of a Rolls Royce with a gold Flying Lady on the top of the car. I am definitely sure that it will be interesting and the boundaries of showing wealth.

If you are so concerned with showing your wealth, there is another option I have just created. Gold covered Airbus A380! There will be nothing on this planet will be more expensive any shiny than a gold covered A380 :) Don’t take it serious and order one!

I think the best one is the illuminated Flying Lady.

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Rolls Royce