How to Make Viral Photos? A Lesson by Frank Stephenson

How to make viral photos? This question is one of the key elements of many PR and marketing people. They all want to create a photo that will be shared by many people and their brand will be promoted. This is a very good way to promote the brand and also this will lead your brand to be placed unconsciousness part of the mind.
However, it is not that easy to create viral photos. But I have the recipe for that. And it is very simple.
First: You need to have a brand, which well known.
Second: You need to have design director, who has sense of humour.
Unfortunately , this simple recipe works only for McLaren. McLaren is a well known brand with a designer director who has a sense of humour, Frank Stephenson.
Here is the Frank working at the reception of McLaren Beverly Hills dealer. 

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Someone at McLaren Beverly Hills Dealer