How to Solve Instagram’s New Privacy Problem?

Instagram dilemma, world’s post popular image based social network is facing tough times due to its new privacy policy and terms. What I read on internet and what I interpret from the terms of Instagram, we will have something similar to Facebook advertisement on Instagram with our photos! Or somewhere else with our photos!
Many people left the Instagram and some companies did the same as well.
However, Instagram is the only social networking site that is based on images and you can search for images. There is no alternative to Instagram! I am really sorry to say this but we have no other choice, like Facebook.
So what is the solution for Instagram’s new terms and policy? The solution is very basic, watermark your photos. But how can you watermark a photo on iPhone? That’s easy as well, just download the app eZy Watermark Lite for iPhone start using it and for free.
eZy Watermark Lite lets you to watermark your existing photos or you can take a photo and watermark it immediately. Also, eZy Watermark lets you to share the photo on Instagram. And the problem is solved :)
Instagram may use your photos for some purposes but at the same time, you can promote your own site or brand as well :) Every crisis has an opportunity.