Montblanc Albert Einstein Limited Edition: Don’t Miss It

Montblanc Albert Einstein Limited Edition! Montblanc recently revealed a new series of limited edition pens, Einstein. Don’t worry you don’t need to know about relativity in order to own one. However, you will understand the relativity when you understand the Montblanc Einstein series. 
There are two editions are available from Montblanc, 99 pieces and 3000 pieces. 99 pieces Montblanc Einstein is named as Einsteinium, which is a chemical element with the atomic number of 99. Montblanc Einsteinium is crafted from 750 solid white gold and the body of the pen is covered with the net with filigree overlay representing the space-time curve. And that look amazing, honestly Einsteinium is definitely one of the best Montblanc pens ever made. The clip of Einsteinium is bejewelled with 1,3 ct sapphire and the Montblanc icon is carved out of moonstone.
And the relatively expensive part, Montblanc Albert Einstein Limited Edition 99 piece cost £19,656!
However, there is a relatively cheaper one, Montblanc Albert Einstein Limited Edition 3000 pieces. Relatively cheaper and relatively more common! This edition refers to speed of light and platinum plated lines are inspired from the space-time curve. Platinum barrel of the cap is engraved with Einstein’s most famous scientific formula. And you may try to learn this formula by using this pen and probably consume a lot of ink during this task :)
And priced at £2,352!
You may buy these pens from any Montblanc store right now!

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