Can New Range Rover Do Off Road?

New Range Rover, the poshest SUV on market; resemble to expensive pair of high heels or bespoke handbag or tailored suit. Unfortunately, Range Rover lost its bad boy look and became a part of popular culture; shinny and fragile. When you first the see the new Range Rover, you never think it has the ability to do any type of off road.

New Range Rover gives the impression of drive on street of Mayfair, London with Tom Ford shoes and Louis Vuitton bag on the rear seats. And unfortunately, most of the people does this!

So the perception of Range Rover moved from real tough off road vehicle to real tough posing vehicle. However, this is not the truth. Underneath this fragile and post vehicle, a serious off road vehicle is lying.

And here is the proof from Land Rover USA! New Range Rover off road event in Utah. Keep in mind these Range Rovers are petrol powered and cannot provide the torque at the low-end, which helps in off road a lot. And tyres do not seem to be all terrain friendly.

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