Mercedes with Illuminated Star: Really Necessary?

Mercedes with illuminated central grill star. Mercedes recently started to offer illuminated star with M, GL, C, CLS and E-Class models. Unfortunately, this feature is not available with A, B and GLK-Class models. Basically, if you are wealthy, you can blind your star. 
Actually, I was planning to write something funny about this feature but I changed my mind. Because, I was trying to understand why Mercedes offers a feature, which is mainly aimed for posing. I am sure illuminated star is a part of the design element but customers will not perceive in the same way. Therefore, identify of the feature will not match with the image.
Does Mercedes need brand awareness? I really don’t think so, everyone on this planet knows Mercedes. There is always a Mercedes in everywhere on this planet, so the three-point star does not have any problem with brand awareness. So, why people should need to represent their Mercedes even at night? Actually, is it necessary to do? Even at night, we can understand a Mercedes very easily, it is not like Pagani only few people know the brand name. 
I know after this post some people will say, there are brands doing this as well. But Mercedes is a cult, an icon. It is associated with wealth and success. Yes, other brands also mean this but no one can emphasise like Mercedes.
My opinion instead of getting this feature, go for Distronis Plus system. It will save your life and more functional then illuminated star.