New Ferrari F70 Confirmed on Instagram

Ferrari confirmed the replacement model for Ferrari Enzo on Instagram. Yesterday, Ferrari released the official photo of upcoming F70 on their Instagram account (oficialferrari). Instagram is an image based social networking sites owned by Facebook. You upload your photos from your mobile and tweak by different filters, write some words and many hashtags and that’s all!
Millions of people uses Instagram everyday and it became a part of modern photography !?! And Ferrari used this mobile app to announce their new model.
Here is the words from Ferrari’s Instagram account for F70;
Geneva Motor Show I am coming to take your hearts away. The Most Powerful HyperFerrari on its way to take your breath away, a hypercar which can eclipse any competition. Formula1 technology direct inhereted into this masterpiece, a car which can turn into a cornor as quick as a Formula1 car, a car packed with downforce as a real Formula1 car. #destroythecompetition #forzaferrari

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