Rolls-Royce Ghost in Details

Rolls Royce Ghost, for some people it is the cheaper Rolls Royce based on a BMW 7-Series. However, that’s not the truth. In order to see the difference between the Rolls Royce Phantom and Ghost, I visited the HR Owen Mayfair London dealer of Rolls Royce. My usual place for the London trips!

Rolls Royce Ghost is a proper Rolls Royce with a relatively smaller in dimension and sporty character on driving. I want to justify the smaller in dimension statement, Rolls Royce Ghost is huge! If I consider the Rolls Royce Phantom as a castle, Rolls Royce would be cathedral. Ghost is more focused on driven by yourself rather than driven by the chauffer.

Interior of Rolls Royce Ghost is what you expect from a Rolls Royce for precision in details and what you expect from a BMW state-of-art technology. The good thing with Rolls Royce Ghost, you have all the technology as such as the safety systems, 8-speed automatic transmission and user-friendly navigation system with exceptional luxury and comfort.

As usual, Rolls Royce Ghost features eight-zone climate control. Climate control of Ghost is divided into rear and front and they are divided into upper and lower section. Basically, you can have 28 degrees for your feet and 16 degrees for your face, and you will end up sick :) Eight-zone climate control is a very nice toy to play with and try to not catch cold. And all the climate control is control by knobs to reflect Rolls Royce tradition.

Inside the Rolls Royce Ghost, you will not suffer any lack of light, because every single section of the Ghost is illuminated with LED lights.  If you are bored with the interior lights or climate control, you can play with seat adjustment for each seat inside the Ghost. All seats feature memory function and every single section are controlled by button, heating and ventilation is available as well.

Another nice feature of the Rolls Royce Ghost is the air suspension adjustment, the system adjusts the stiffness of the suspension according to which place you seat at the rear passenger seats.

Lastly, Ghost features best toy! Self-closing rear doors, by pushing a single button inside the cabin, you can close your door without disturbing your comfort.

Rolls Royce Ghost is expensive but it does worth the price. And go for the extended wheel base for better journey experience.