Valentine’s Day Excitement: Take Me Out Girl

Today is the Valentine’s Day!!! Vawwwww. I am sure many of you are very excited and if you end up in this post, this means you haven’t bought your present yet! So, instead of surfing on internet go buy something :P
If you bought your present and everything is ready to go, don’t be over excited. Why? This could happen to you as well :P
Emma from the TV show called “Take Me Out Girl” experienced a rapid loss of altitude (Aviation terminology) due to lack of traction and high amount of excitement end up like this :( 
Hopefully, Emma did not suffer anything serious. But don’t push your luck to limit today, control your excitement :)
And use winter tyres :) I have no idea why said this! I think due to severe weather conditions in UK and extreme strong winds had adverse effect on me :)
Have fun today :) And share my post :P
By the way, I never watched Take Me Out Girl, I don’t know what happens in that show.