How to Charge an Electric Car for Free? Free Electricity?

How to charge your electric car for free? This is one of the biggest question silently goes around everyone’s head, who are planning to buy an electric car. 
Some of the electric cars come with on-board generator like Opel Ampera, so you don’t need to find a socket to plug your car. But you will still use petrol to charge your car, that’s the problem. And some electric cars come with nothing more than batteries and no generator on-board. So, you have to find a plug to charge your car. 
Using electricity to charge your car might be cheap in UK, but there is a global perspective. In many countries electricity is very expensive and people try to reduce their electcity consumption in many different ways. For those people, charging their own car from their house is not a very brilliant idea! If someone is trying to reduce electricity consumption by replacing light bulbs, you cannot sell them an electric car! This is the ugly truth.
So what to do? There are couple of tricky ways to charge an electric car for free. You can visit your friend and plug your car to their socket and you will be the loneliest person on this planet surrounded by six billion people. This option is not very plausible and a bad attitude. Another option is to visit a university campus and try to charge your car for free. In some universities they offer free chargers but not in every university so keep in mind. There are some other ways to charge an electric for free but you may end up in police station very quickly.
The fundamental solution to charging an electric car for free is to have a solar panel installed at your home. Sun is free and solar panels transfer the sun light into electricity. Of course they do have limitations; solar panels provide the best efficiency at 25 degrees Celsius. Extreme hot and extreme cold reduce their performance but still you will have the free electricity. 
You may find solar panel instalment is a very good solution but it is not cheap as well. When you invest a serious amount of money to an electric car, you will not be happy with the price solar panels. 
My suggestion, automotive industry should create funds to provide free solar panels to customers who buy electric cars. However, creating a fund for solar panels is not easy. There should be a government incentive and automotive industry should be motivated as well. I have some doubts about that, because automotive industry is designed to take money not to cash-back to customers. Finance industry does this very well, give money and take it back ;)
But the solar panels are one of the most fundamental parts of the electric cars. Without providing free electricity, why people should buy electric cars?
Another solution is, automotive industry can manufacture solar panel but it won’t go well.
Back to basic, make a contract with solar panel companies and provide them for free to customers. Thus, motivation to buy an electric will dramatically increase. I don’t think anyone will say no to free electricity :)
Will it come true?