Mercedes Benz Nail Polish

Mercedes Benz; the automotive icon, one of the founder of internal combustion engine and now sells nail polish on their merchandise store. Let’s go rewind, Mercedes Benz sells nail polish for women. I heard this from a fashion blogger yesterday and I thought she confused with the brand name. But she was right, Mercedes Benz offers state-of-art nail polish set with three different colours (jupiter red, monolith grey metallic, south sea blue metallic).

Really, who is going to buy a nail polish set from Mercedes Benz merchandise store? I mean this is not Ferrari Store or Porsche Design and they both don’t offer nail polish. So, no one else should offer.

In terms of consumption perspective, the brand should create a tendency to conduct the consumption behaviour. And Mercedes Benz brand does not match well with nail polish market. This is the consequence of extreme brand extension strategy.

I am not a fan of Mercedes Benz but their cars are excellent in terms of engineering. I never criticise commitment to technology. And I am sure many people share the same thoughts.

But nail polish and Mercedes Benz merchandise, this will not work that well sorry. I think many people never heard of this merchandise store and people who heard about it, may not be interested to buy a three different colours nail polish.

So, after this post if you have the motivation to have a buy set of nail polish from Mercedes here is the link, Mercedes Benz Germany Merchandise Store :)

Volvo did the same couple of years ago, here is my post.

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