Models from Martini Royal Casting Event

Models from Martini Royal Casting Event. Martini without vodka and without James Bond, will it be boring? By the way, if you are under 18-year old, you are not suppose to read this article and you may check the Ferrari LaFerrari ;)

Martini the legendary drink of James Bond. I think whoever watched James Bond knows the Martini. Actually Bond associated the Martini with vodka, and like many people vodka Martini cocktail placed in our subconscious part of our mind.

Also, nowadays all media and car news portals are poured with car photos from Geneva. They all have four-wheel and one internal combustion engine (some of them have electric motors). So the story is the same and for some people, there is nothing interesting with the cars.

And here is the post for the people, who were looking forward to amend the subconscious meaning of Martini and see something rather than cars :)

The photo shooting took place during the summer for the Martini Royal Casting Event. If you still experience cold weather like me, these photos will keep you warm :)







































high heels red bottom




































drinking from high heels



























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Sven Hoffmann, DNA