Montblanc Patron of Arts 2013 Limited Editions

Montblanc Patron of Art 2013 Limited Edition, new collectors items by Montblanc. Patron of Art 2013 writing instruments are introduced to honour of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan (1452 – 1508). Sforza was one of the most prominent patrons of Italian Renaissance and the protector of Leonardo Da Vinci. Therefore, Patron of Art 2013 has a special meaning more than a limited edition writing instrument.
There are two editions under Patron of Art 2013; Limited Edition 888 and Limited edition 4810.
Montblanc Limited Edition 888 is completed with solid gold fittings with contrasting majestic blue lacquer, and reflects the vibrant colour of the ceiling fresco, which is adorned with the Duke’s coat of arms. And the price for Limited Edition 888 is £6400, around €7485.
Montblanc Sterling Silver Limited Edition 4810 features a cap and barrel crafted from the black lacquer featuring Da Vinci’s intricate designs in silver. And solid gold nib of this edition is engraved with the Duke’s coat of arms. And the price of Limited Edition 4810 is £1765, around €2065.
Both of these writing instruments from Montblanc are exquisite, especially the precision in details and interpretation of Da Vinci’s designs create a very unique look. Limited Edition 4810 is definitely has a younger appear than the Limited Edition 888. Solid gold fittings of Limited Edition 888 generate more classic look.
If you are planning to buy these pencils, they will be available in Montblanc boutiques from April 2013.

Limited Edition 888

Limited Edition 4810

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