New Range Rover from Mayfair, London

New Range Rover, designed by the inspiration of luxury fashion store in Mayfair, London. Lost the appearance that connect the off and on road driving in the same vehicle. Removes the real air vents to cool down the engine and introduces them as a design element. These are the words, which I have used since the new Range Rover was revealed by Land Rover. Many people also shared the same feelings with me for the new Range Rover. New look of Range Rover created an impression of an expensive handbag with robust design. 
These words were mentioned by me before I see the new Range Rover’s interior. Yesterday, I visited the Stratstone Land Rover dealer Mayfair, London. And there was the new Range Rover in black (now my favourite colour) in Vogue SE specification. Range Rover Vogue SE means, the car features nearly each of the optional equipment and literally there is nothing you can add more.
The black new Range Rover was fitted with 21-inch ‘off road’ friendly tires. And this improved the image luxury handbag dilemma. However, this did not prevent me to have look inside the cabin. And I can say one thing, cabin of the new Range Rover is a real improvement. The quality of plastic, the quality leather, the quality of craftsmanship is definitely in a new dimension. Unlike the exterior, interior of new Range Rover is new.
I am quite good at finding problems inside the cabin, wobbling plastic, huge gap between the parts, defect on leather. However, despite my all efforts interior of new Range Rover did not have any problems except one thing. The navigation screen.
I told this many times, the navigation screen of Range Rover does not produce high quality image, screen is not clear and you get a blur screen all the time. In terms if IT world, it is defined by pixel per inch (PPI). Apple offers one of the highest PPI index on their Retina display products (iPhone 5 PPI: 326). Increasing PPI results with clearer picture and higher quality. Anyone can understand the improvement on pixel per inch, you don’t need to be a nerd or engineer to identify the difference. 
Is it expensive? If you can have a Retina display iPad, this means it is not expensive to have one inside the new Range Rover! And I am sure that the customer will not change their mind if the price of Range Rover increase by €200 due to crystal clear navigation screen. Also, improvement on the navigation screen quality will match with the harmony of the interior.
The rest of the cabin of new Range Rover offers whatever you thing in terms of luxury. Memory seats with massage, heating and ventilation for each passenger. Panoramic glass roof offers a very pleasant environment inside the cabin. Ergonomics are quite good. Overall, there is basically nothing to worry about inside the cabin.
How it drives? I have no idea, I did not have chance to drive one. I am sure it is better thanks to lighter body.
My opinion, shall I buy one? For this interior, I would buy the new Range Rover and try not to look at it when I parked. Design of the new Range Rover is like ying and yan. Exterior and interior designs balance each other.