New Range Rover Sport on 26th March, 2013

New Range Rover Sport is very closer than you think. Actually, finally we will see a new Range Rover Sport. The existing model was a bit beyond the industry’s product life cycle for SUVs. BMW X5 and Porsche Cayenne product life cycles are only seven years. Every seven-year, we see new model. However, Land Rover has a different strategy; their product life cycle is definitely longer than seven years and this leads to lose momentum against the competitors. Therefore, we tend to see less Range Rover Sport on the roads.
Hopefully, the new Range Rover Sport will be revealed soon on 26th March and a new face will appear on the roads. I think, new Range Rover Sport will look something between the Evoque and the new Range Rover. Basically, new Range Rover Sport may lose the bold design and may have a department store explorer design. 
The engines will be same with the new Range Rover, and Sport will be ligther as well. According to Land Rover, new Range Rover Sport will be something totally different in terms of driving experience. Land Rover says; faster, most responsive and most agile. These words are really bold statements.
I am more excited to see the new Range Rover Sport!
You can watch the reveal live on internet by registering to from this website (