New Range Rover Sport Photos are Here! Spotted!!!

New Range Rover Sport photos are here. A few hours ago the photos of new Range Rover Sport was leaked to internet. As I mentioned in my previous posts, new Range Rover Sport looks like a fat or larger or under steroids Evoque! Land Rover created the Range Rover Evoque and everyone loved, and now Land Rover is trying to extend the Evoque design philosophy to rest of their vehicle range to keep their sales momentum at high level.
In the meantime, Land Rover risks the exquisite design of Evoque and is getting to closer to “too common”, “became too boring” border! Repeating the same design items in many vehicles hinders the risk of losing sales! It is a risky decision and now Land Rover is doing quite well with this risk taking, but for how long?
Honestly, new Range Rover Sport look really nice. Definitely a fresh product to sporty SUV market :)

new range rover sport rear

new range rover sport
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