Pong Research iPhone 5 Case: Reduces Radiation

Pong Research iPhone 5 case is the only iPhone case that can reduce EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) level. EMR is created by the mobile devices whilst communication and we are exposed to it. Pong Research developed a case that features another antenna, which reduces the EMR radiation safely. Moreover, this second antenna improves the battery life and reception level as well.

I already have the Pong case for iPhone 4 and with the new case for iPhone 5, there is a serious improvement on the technology packed inside the case. Pong’s iPhone 5 case provided me extra half a day with same level of usage. Actually, one day I had the two wholes days with a single charge in an iPhone 5.

This sounds really outstanding! I really was not expecting even half a day battery life improvement but I experience more than that! And in some extreme conditions like inside a lift, I had a single bar of signal. Don’t expect to have a full coverage with this case inside a lift, but one bar is better than nothing.

The only thing, I can criticise is the thickness of the case. Pong case is not super thin like other cases, because there is a second antenna inside that thick layer. Therefore, I cannot say this is an adverse side of the case. Existing technology cannot keep this case slimmer, but I am sure Pong will improve the case in future models.