Rolls Royce Wraith Photos from Geneva, Goodwood (England) and All Press Releases

Rolls Royce Wraith, the latest coupe from Rolls Royce. Literally, the most charming Rolls Royce on product range. The Wraith is based on Ghost with a smaller dimension but still Wriath is a huge coupe. And powered by a V12 petrol engine with 624 HP and 800 Nm of torque (more than Ghost).Also Wraith experienced weight reduction to improve handling and to provide more sportive handling experience.

Rolls Royce Wraith’s drivetrain was developed in Nürburgring and this proofs that Wraith will be a different Rolls Royce. And also 8-speed automatic gearbox works simultaneously with GPS system and selects the best gear for the road based on the data received from satellites and it is called Satellites Aided Transmission. And lastly, Wraith only needs 4.4 seconds to achieve 100 km/h!

My opinion, Rolls Royce Wraith definitely competes with Bentley Continental GT and that’s a really good step for Rolls Royce. Until now, Bentley Continental GT did not have a direct competitor from Rolls Royce and that was leaving a gap for Rolls Royce. I am definitely sure that many people would prefer the Rolls Royce Wraith but the €245.000 base price is a serious obstacle. But this market, €245.000 is not a big problem.

I uploaded all the photos from Geneva, Goodwood press event and press photos. Video are coming as well.

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