What Are The Talents of Kate Upton? The Ultimate Solution to Monday Stress

Kate Upton and Monday morning the perfect contradiction, don’t worry I have the solution; The Many Talents of Kate Upton video from Terry Richardson. We all know who is Kate Upton, if not you can Google her name or just check the video in this post.
I really love the fun and the creativity of the video and I can hear some of the comments inside my ears at the moment. But just accept, this is a fun video :)
So, what are the many talents of the model Kate Upton?
1. Lifeguard & Running on The Beach: You really wish to get drowned in the ocean just to be rescued by Kate Upton :)
2. Skateboarding: What else I can say.
3. Hula Hooping: The laws of physics are pushed to boundaries and you can observe through the video.
4. Shooting Hops: Kate is the next star of NBA.
5. Riding Rollercoasters: Kate should try the super fast rollercoasters at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi
6. Dancing: We all love the Cat Daddy style ;)
7. Wet T-Shirt Contest Champion: Water, the H2O has adverse effects on white t-shirts on human body.

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