What Car Katerina Stikoudi Drives?

Katerina Stikoudi, my favourite singer from Greece! Now I know what car she drive :)

I know I did not write about her for very long time. Actually, I should have written. Because, posts with Stikoudi makes a lot of traffic! You cannot even imagine. Stikoudi is a sensation and I hope to some videos of her on YouTube channel something like Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy video :)

Let’s go back to Katerina Stikoudi’s car. After a very long and comprehensive research I finally found out her car. Fortunately, Stikoudi doesn’t drive a pink Range Rover or a Bentley Continental GT again in pink. Actually, I really don’t like to see pink Bentleys or Range Rovers, they looks quite awkward.

Anyway, Katerina Stikoudi drives a BMW Z4 Roadster. I can hear your thoughts, BMW Z4 is not something extreme, however Z4 does still drive really nice and feels connected with the road. I think in 2006, I drove a 3-lt BMW Z4 and it was really really good for its price range and quite fun to drive. Of course, we live in 2013 and things have changed. Despite the passing years, BMW Z4 Roadster does not look that old.

Despite my all efforts, I couldn’t identify the exact age of Stikoudi’s Z4 but I am sure that it is pre-2009. You can see that air condition knob at the lower right end of the photo and that style belongs to Z4 Roadster before 2009. In 2009, the air condition elements received a new fresh design.

Actually, I am expecting to see Katerina Stikoudi in a Range Rover Evoque. In my opinion, she will definitely fit perfect with the Evoque. My personal opinion for Evoque is still the same, excellent car drive but still Evoque is the most expensive hand bag you can ever buy :) However, this does not prevent Stikoudi to buy one ;)

Also, her nails look stunning as well. I talked too much about the car but nothing about her nail :)

So, buy her album to upgrade her ride :) And now you can follow Katerina Stikoudi on Twitter (@stikoudikaterin). I think this her real Twitter account, there is no verified tick but the photos proof that the account is real.

And here some photos from her latest video clip.

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Katerina Stikoudi