Autofarm Porsche Specialist with 40 Years of Experience

Autofarm, one of the oldest Porsche specialists in UK with 40 years of experience. Porsche specialist means, Autofarm provides after sales service to Porsche owners. For some people, a specialist is not an option when they can access to official service. However, things start to change when you Porsche get older and in some cases a specialist may find a solution to your problem quicker. 
Autofarm is not an ordinary Porsche specialist, everyone in this company is devoted their selves to Porsche cars. Instead of perceiving it as a work, they perceive it as a passion. Literally, this is one of their main stamina to keep the business running for 40 years and have customers all over the world. 
I visited the Autofarm a few weeks ago to see their working place. It is extremely tidy, people are devoted to their job and there are lots of Porsche for both servicing and storage. As the Autofarm receive so many Porsches, they have a very strong knowledge on the problems and in many cases, Autofarm can consult you for potential problems!
Regarding to storage, for some people they want to keep their Porsche in a separate place with a good nursing. Autofarm not only provides storage to keep your Porsche safe, but also runs the engine, moves the car. Thus, the Porsche is always ready to go whenever you wish.
You can find more about the Autofarm’s history and their work place on this YouTube video.