Beyoncè as Mrs. Carter in H&M: Summer 2013 Collection

Beyoncè features in H&M summer collection, Beyoncè as Mrs. Carter in H&M. H&M is very well known for engaging with other fashion brands and celebrities for a limited fashion collection. This time, we see the collection of Beyoncè in H&M stores during the 2013 summer. 
Mrs. Carter is the latest album from the Beyoncè and I am sure that you saw her album outfit! I am not a fashion expert but I can imagine some inspiration in Beyoncè as Mrs. Carter in H&M collection from this video!
Also the photos provided by the H&M hinder a new beach style for this summer! High heels on the beach :) Don’t be surprised to see people wearing Beyoncè combination on the beach during this summer!
Beyoncè’s collection will be available at H&M stores on May.