How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified Very Quickly? An Useful Tip

How to get your Twitter account verified very quickly? Many people are looking forward to an answer for this question and my answer is you cannot get the Twitter account verified very quickly or easily. In order to have a verified Twitter account, you need to be known by many people. I mean not your parents, friends or classmates. You need to have some type of media presence in a frequent matter. Literally, you need to be a type of celebrity!
However, even for the celebrities or singers, getting the verified account takes time and some of them are not bothered to spent time on this. So what is the solution to proof your Twitter account is your?
Greek singer Katerina Stikoudi achieved to proof her Twitter account is real by this way!
You need to find a blank A4 paper.
Very thick blue pencil. You may different colour as well.
Draw a huge @ sign and write your Twitter account. Be careful on the size your hand writing, you may ran out of space at the end of the paper.
Later on, take a photo with the paper and upload to Twitter and do it frequently.
And your account will be some of how verified :) Actually, it is quite practical and has a very high tendency to became viral, like this :)
Lastly, don’t forget to upload to Twitter!