Katerina Stikoudi’s New Song ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ (High Heels) Video Clip is Here

Katerina Stikoudi’s new song ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ is released today. Before I start talking, ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ means HIGH HEELS! Unfortunately, Stikoudi’s new song ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ is not sponsored by any shoes brand. It was a great opportunity to promote their high heels in Stikoudi’s video.
As my Greek is limited to 100 words, literally I have no idea what is saying :) However, this does not prevent me to listen ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ :) What I realised from the video clip and the name of the song, Stikoudi reflected one of the most important interest of women, shoes. Even with this title, I am pretty sure that many women will watch this video clip to Stikoudi’s shoes :)
And here are some photos from the backstage of the video clip ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ. And after this song, Katerina Stikoudi can start a fashion blog about shoes :)
You can download ΨΗΛΑ ΤΑΚΟΥΝΙΑ from iTunes from 15/4/2013.

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Katerina Stikoudi