New Ford Escort is Coming!

Ford Escort is back! You didn’t read wrong, the iconic Ford Escort is coming back. On 1998, Ford introduced the Focus and two years after that Ford Escort disappeared from the automotive industry. However, the Escort brand had a very strong value and I was expecting the day to be revealed again.

Now, Ford revealed the Escort again! The Ford Focus became more expensive and in some market people cannot afford to buy Focus and the Fiesta stays too small for them. And they move to another brand. Also, the Ford Focus became bigger in this third generation and increased the gap between the Fiesta. 

Therefore, a market gap naturally appeared as a result of those decision. So, Ford created the ideal environment for the Escort and it will be on market soon.

Literally, Focus moved from reasonably priced car to premium car. And this movement helped to Escort join to game again.

And Ford Escort does look quite sexy! With that huge grille, there is a significant resemblance to Fiesta.











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