New Ford Kuga Test Drive

Ford Kuga test drive. Usually, I don’t take cars for a test drive but I was very curious about the new Ford Kuga. The one I took for a test drive was a Ford Kuga Titanium spec, 1,6-lt four-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine with 180 HP and 240 Nm of torque. Kuga was offered with a double clutch automatic gearbox, Powershift. 
Ford Kuga is an all-wheel drive SUV, it is not a hard core off road vehicle but thanks to recent update on their drive train, Kuga is capable coping with some off road experience. Vehicles are like Kuga, small size SUVs are great to cope with adverse weather condition. With winter tyres, you will never ever have a problem with Kuga and you won’t be experiencing the cost of running a huge SUV. 
Titanium spec Kuga had the Active Park Assist (Car parks by itself), blind spot warning, lane keeping aid with steering wheel adjustment, auto high beam control, traffic sign recognition, driver impairment monitor (If you sleep, Kuga can detect it). The lane keeping aid with steering wheel adjustment, adjusts the steering wheel when you are heading to the other lane. You can feel the steering wheel moving by itself, but if you take your hands off the steering wheel the systems stops and Kuga starts beeping! Another nice feature was the foot operated boot, when you have the Kuga with keyless access you can open the boot by moving your foot under the boot. Very practical.
The two-zone automatic climate control is a bit weird, you can not have a huge temperature differences on different zones, unlike other brands. I really don’t know why the Ford did not offer a proper independent two-zone climate control.
The interior of Kuga is really ergonomic and production quality fulfils your expectations. Only the navigation screen is quite small for nowadays vehicle. Ford should have offered a bigger size screen, nowadays these technology are really affordable and not that expensive. 
The handling of Kuga is excellent. Ford always offered benchmark handling for their vehicles and with Kuga you have the same, also torque vectoring features reduces the under steers and over steers.
Overall, Kuga worth its price but never go for the basic version. Because, you will get a car with no features, it will be so plain. Go for a high spec model! And 1,6-lt petrol engine is way better you expected. And double clutch gearbox works seamlessly but Kuga does not offer paddle shifts on the steering wheel, they are placed on the gear lever, which is a bit weird.

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