A Chinese Maserati Quattroporte Owner Destroyed His Own Car

A Chinese Maserati Quattroporte owner destroyed his own car. Sounds like the owner was a bit angry and also looking forward to share their disappointment all over the world. Literally, he achieved! Owner of this Maserati Quattroporte had a bad experience with the service. According to news on internet (China Car Times), the Maserati service installed a second hand part instead of brand new one and charged him €300 and the problem is not fixed! As a result of this, state-of-art after sales performance from Maserati, the owner became a bit mad! And decided to destroy the Maserati Quattroporte on the day of World Consumers Right Day!
Based on this personal campaign to destroy his own Maserati Quattroporte on a special day went totally well! Why? Because, destroying a Maserati with sledgehammer became viral in couple of days and he promoted his bad experience all around the world only the cost of minor scratches, which can be fixed with no problem. He did not drop a huge concrete block over the over, damages are minor! If he decided to share his experience through internet, it will take ages to spread and cost a lot. 
By destroying his own car, he increased the awareness of failure in “think globally act locally” strategy of a global brand in China. 
Easter markets are totally different than the Western, I am from Turkey and I am between the East and the West. Therefore, I can understand his frustration and find it kind of reasonable to express his feelings by this way. And also, he raised the after sales issues of Maserati in China. Many global brands try to implement their western strategies on eastern markets and the results are not that satisfying. A strategy that works well in Europe may not work well in China due to cultural differences. And understanding the differences and revising the local strategy will help a brand to grow locally!

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