Harlem Shake Bikini Failures: Epic!

Harlem Shake Bikini Failures! Probably you started to forget or your brain decided to vanish the Harlem Shake. Welcome the world of social media, a trend makes a peak and disappears like it never appeared before. 
Harlem Shake videos became a YouTube sensation and many people started to record and upload to YouTube. As a result of this crazy trend, many videos received enormous and unexpected amount of views. 
However, there is a trick with popular trend! Similar to stock exchange, if you find a rising trend and upload the content while the trend is getting more popular; you will become a sensation. If you are a bit late and create the content while the trend is vanishing, you will have a traffic that increases quite slowly. Even though, there are a dozen wearing bikinis and dancing Harlem Shake.
Just watch the video and check the views, 14000! That’s nothing for a content like this.