How to Date With Kate Upton? | Mission Impossible

How to date with Kate Upton? That’s more important life on Mars, new Apple iPhone 6 or what will happen in Cern! Honestly, who cares those things. We will see the aliens one day, iPhone 6 will be available next year or may be this year, and lots of things going-on at Cern.
But we have no idea how to date with Kate Upton! And I did an extensive, intensive and comprehensive research for this question. The answer is here. You became a celebrity, work with a brand and that brand will work with Kate Upton, then you will propose a love scenario for a viral video and latter you will date with Kate Upton on an advertisement. Literally, it is impossible to date with Kate Upton or mission impossible!
The next two videos proof my findings. But still there is always a chance, even there is a chance to hit by a meteor. 

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