How to Hack New Mercedes S-Class | Driverless Car

How to hack new Mercedes S-Class. Sounds a bit stupid, honestly really stupid. However, automotive industry now relies on software more than ever. The new Mercedes S-Class offers state-of-art pre safety and comfort technologies based on software and hardware. Literally, the new S-Class can detect everything on the road and capable of making necessary decisions to prevent a potential crash. All these technologies rely on software.
And Mercedes recently mention that the new S-Class is capable of driving by itself. However the existing regulation does not allow a car to be driven by itself. They also emphasise that, the facelift S-Class around 2017 may feature this technology, a car drives by itself. Moreover, the new S-Class can also drive by itself but software does not allow this, as a result of the regulations. Basically, similar to iPhone jailbreak, in couple of years time we may see jailbreak Mercedes S-Class that are capable of driving by their self. 
Mercedes said, new S-Class has the technology but law does not permit. So, the only limit is the software!
Don’t worry it won’t be like iPhone, because S-Class is ridiculously expensive. In order to jailbreak the S-Class, you need to buy one and risk it! And this is quite impossible!
Do not try at home and blame me :)

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