Interior Picture of The New Mercedes S-Class (W222) Are Here Now!

Interior picture of the new Mercedes S-Class (W222) are here now! The Mercedes S-Class, the combination of boringness and sexiness. The Mercedes S-Class is well known by its conservative design and ground-breaking technology. That’s why I always had confused feelings with the S-Class. 
I really don’t like the design of the S-Class, because it is too conservative but I love the new technology offered on each new model. Literally, the S-Class is the projection of the future motoring. What you will see in next one decade in daily cars can be seen on each new S-Class. 
Recently, the interior photos of new S-Class leaked to public. The steering wheel looks a bit ugly, front dashboard is a bit shinny like an expensive designer sunglass but the rear seats are fantastic! Now the bed style Maybach inspired seats are available with the S-Class. And that’s why you should buy one. With the seats that are capable of turning into bed is a masterpiece comfort. As a result of this priceless comfort, Mercedes can capture some customers from Bentley and Rolls Royce! You may order this features with Bentley and Rolls Royce but it will cost fortune. I assume it will be lower priced on the new S-Class.

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