Kate Upton is on The Cover of Vogue US June 2013

Kate Upton is finally on the cover of the Vogue fashion magazine, you can have a look at the Vogue’s US edition for June 2013. Kate has a totally different look and style for the Vogue magazine. After Kate’s presence on the cover of Vogue Italia on November, 2012 and Sports Illustrated two years, being a cover of Vogue US edition is a respectful success.

I know many people will moan about her body, and she is not a fashion model, she is a bikini model. This goes forever but Kate Upton is epic and we all know that. Otherwise, I won’t be writing this article  at 6 AM on Saturday morning.

I am definitely sure that many people will rush into Vogue US June 2013 issue, in case you cannot find at your closet news agent or market, you still have chance to purchase it from iTunes and read on your Apple gadgets!

That’s what I would do :)

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