New Aston Martin DB9 | #PinItForwardUK

New Aston Martin DB9! Actually, I cannot say it is a brand new DB9, it is a heavy facelift! Aston Martin revised the existing DB9. 6-lt V12 engine now produces 517 HP / 620 Nm, 0 – 100 acceleration is 4.6 seconds and 15 kg lighter. The revision on DB9 can be seen inside the car as well. The interior materials are improved, there are more matte aluminium, and more leather.

DB9 is still a very good GT car, the competitors are now stronger than ever but DB9 still has its own character. Aston Martin DB9 is a different taste, some people may like it and some people may not. But it doesn’t mean that DB9 is a bad car, it is only different.

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