New Mercedes S-Class Brochure is on Internet

New Mercedes S-Class W222 brochure was leaked to internet before the official announcement on Wednesday. Despite I never had an emotional attachment with the S-Class, it is the benchmark of automotive industry. Every new vehicle on this segment always tries to overtake the technologies of S-Class. And again one more time, Mercedes S-Class offers new technologies with conservative design.

Here are some; Magic Body Control, Road Surface Scan and many other new technologies. The initial engine options are S350 BlueTEC (258 HP), S400 Hybrid (306 HP) and the legend S500 (455 HP). S350 BlueTEC is a diesel model and can reach to 100 km/h in 6.8 seconds. In 1999, this performance can be achieved only by S500!

If you wish to watch the live broadcast of the Mercedes S-Class press event on Wednesday, just bookmark this page.

Will I buy one? As I said before, bed inspired reclining seats are the only reason to buy otherwise I will go for a Bentley Mulsanne.